The story of Veesey began with our desire to provide great tasting dairy-free alternatives to traditional foods, but has rapidly expanded to seeking a broader range of exciting plant based protein alternatives. Our driving purpose is to provide simple, easy and delicious plant based alternatives for the everyday foods we love.


We’re a foodie family with young kids. When one of our boys was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, we quickly noticed a lack of affordable dairy-free alternatives in the mainstream supermarkets.

Through our search, we discovered a growing desire from people all over the world for good quality dairy or meat-free alternatives to the traditional foods we grew up with. Like us, some of these choices are driven by allergies and intolerance’s, while others are choosing to avoid the consumption of animal products, or by-products in pursuit of ethical, clean eating or for environmental reasons. Whatever your motivation, we believe there should be tasty, great quality alternatives to animal-based products readily available to everyone. That’s where Veesey began.

Our products have been carefully selected from a range of manufacturers who are providing fantastic vegan alternatives to everyday foods, so those following a plant-based or dairy-free lifestyle can enjoy many of their traditional food favourites at an affordable price.

Product available in all leading Super Markets throughout New Zealand.